C Z Purline Roll Forming Machine

  • Steel Coil –> Guide and leveling devlice –> Hydraulic Punching Machine –>  Roll Forming Machine –>  Hydraulic Cut Off –> Run Out Table
  • Coils outer diameters 1600mm
  • Coils inner diameters φ510±30mm
  • Coils width 650mm
  • Coils weight 5000kgs
  • Hydraulic station motor 3KW
  • Hydraulic expansion
  • Equipt with pneumatic brake device
  • Guide and leveling device
  • Motor power 37KW *2sets
  • Two-way guided, 7 rollers for leveling, manual adjustment of upper and lower gap.

automatically adjustable CZ purline roll forming machine decoiler

Hydraulic cut off/punching/notching device
  • Hydraulic cut off For cutting the material head and tail, with tail reminder
  • Cutting tool Cr12, heat treatment
  • Punching mould material Cr12, heat treatment
  • Hydraulic station motor 11KW

Automatically adjustable CZ purline roll forming machine (27)

Roll Forming Machine
  • Roller station 18 groups
  • Roller material          GCr12Mov
  • Roller heat treatment    HRC58-62°
  • Roller main shaft diameter  75mm
  • Servo motor 36KW
  • Size adjusted motor 5KW×1+0.75KW×2+0.18KW×2
  • Transmission method by gear and chain

Automatically adjutable cold CZ purline roll forming machine (21)

Universal shearing device
  • Pneumatic cylinder with pin to locate the notching part, for cutting accurately.
  • Cutting tool        1 set ( cut with scrap)
  • Motor power 5KW
  • Cutting blade material Gr12 steel, heat treatment
  • Share the hydraulic station with the pre-punching device.
  • The machine stop to cut.
  • Run out of table
  • Length 3 meters

CZ purline roll forming machine (3)

Control systems
  • PLC and touchable screen Siemens
  • Encoder OMRON
  • Cutting tolerance ≤±1 mm
  • Control voltage 24V
  • Power supply (customized)

CZ purline roll forming machine (6)