Ceiling T grid roll forming machine

Product Origin:Guangdong, China
Shipping Port:Huangpu, China
Lead Time:90 Days

Working flow

Decoiler (GI &PPGI) –>Roll Forming –> Automatically punching & cutting –> PLC control –> Hydraulic system –> Run Out Table –> Finished Main T grid

Automatic Flat T Bar Main Tee Roll Forming Machine:
Layout of the KONIX Automatic Flat T Bar Main Tee Roll Forming Machine:


  1. Main Parameter:
  • Stations              20 Stations
  • Speed                20–25M/Min(6–7Pcs/Min)
  • Total Power      2KW(4KW+2.2KW+15KW)
  • PLC brand             Delta
  • Touchable screeen
  • Installation length       14.8M
  • Die/Mould Material      SKD11
  • Anti-Fire Hole           OK
  • Stitching Line           Ok
  • Steel Head Lock     Ok
  • Transmission         Worm Gearbox Reducer
  • Main Hydraulic station with Accumulator for stable and precise performance

Manual Decoiler — 2 sets

  1. Inner Diameter 450-530mm
  2. Outer Diameter1200mm
  3. Loading weight 1000kg
  4. Make sure the GI and PPGI Unoiler in the exact line with Main Former Machine
  5. Weight about 100kg;
  6. Dimension            1000*800*1100(mm)

The Uncoiler is the very start of the whole Production line and supplying the Raw materials PPGI and GI coil strap. And the Driving force is from the Roller tugging during production.


Roll Forming Machine

  1. Roller station           20groups
  2. Working speed20—25M/Min(6–7Pcs/Min)
  3. Machine frame          Carbon Steel,Polished, Rust Prevention Paint

Protection,Any color available

  1. Machine frame thickness 20mm,
  2. Rollermaterial          Cr12, HRC 55-56, Symmetry in the range of 0.05mm
  3. Roller’s diameter Inner 39mm; Min OD 90mm
  4. Motor 4KW
  5. Main Transmission Chain Drive
  6. Between Rollerd        Worm wheel Gearbox
  7. Stitch: Four Rollers real stitch, can also be used for fake stitch.
  8. Side plateThickness 30mm, Polish 6 sides, high precision boring
  9. Principal Axis45# steel, tempering heat treatment, mill grinder

precise making

  • Automatic Punching and Flying Cutting-off System

The component embodys the Producer technology strength and advantages mostly, The Fully Automatic Punching and Flying Cutting-off system, We are the first producer in China. And we export to many countries because we thoroughly slove the Fully Automatic and also we just focus on T bar Roll Forming Machine.

  1. Punching Die 24 sets( 2 head locks 22 Main Tee holes)
  2. Punching Die Material SKD11, Hardness HRC 58-60, Precise milled, precise making,

easy to removable parts.

  1. Anti-Fire Hole Die Available on Machine
  2. CuttingFlying Cutting-Off Contineous working non-stop
  3. Driving Force2 Hydraulic stations one for Punching mechanism travel and one for punching
  4. AccurancyHeight and Width within 0.1mm; In Length 0.3mm/Meter
  5. Die Material45# steel and Cr12MoV, Heat treatment Vacuum 58–60HRC
  6. Cutting off Length3600 or 3660mm
  7. Hole Distance150cm or 6″
  8. Custom Logo Punching at same time on Machine Fully Automatic


Electric PLC control system

Electric PLC control Cabinet likens the human brain in the Ceiling T bar whole production line. All Automatic functions are implemented by this component. We have our own Electric engineer to make itautomation totally harmonious with all other compenents. It is our great advange for the Ceiling Tee Bar Roll Forming Machine; And also we offer the Electric to our old customers for upgrade and we optimise it very often.


Run-out Table

This compenent is working desk. Product will drop onto the table and slide out smoothly, so it avoids scratching and easy for packing. And there are  waste grooves upgrade to conduct the waste steel odd ends to the barrel.

Hydraulic stations

Hydraulic Stations are offering the Suspention Celing T bar produciton line Punching and Cutting-Off force. The Main Hydraulic is for Punching the head locks and holes on Main Tee Bar and also for the Flying Cutting-Off; The smaller one is make the pucnhing mechanism travel back and force for Flying Cutting-off. The two are controlled by the Electric PLC cabinet. and The Main One is accompanied with a Accumulator to make stable performace.

T grid roll forming machine

KONIX T Grid Making Machine

KONIX Ceiling T Grid Roll Forming Machine

KONIX Ceiling T Grid Roll Forming Machine

KONIX Ceiling T Grid Roll Former

KONIX Ceiling T Grid Roll Forming Machine for sale

KONIX Ceiling T Grid Roll Forming Machine