Step Tile Roof Roll Forming Machine

Product Origin:Guangdong, China
Shipping Port:Huangpu, China
Lead Time:90 Days

Producing Process:

Material coil –Feeding guide plate –Manual Front Cut Off — Roll forming machine– Hydraulic cut off – finished Profile


  1. Loading capacity           5000KGS
  2. Maximum outer diameter     1200mm
  3. Inner diameter              φ508~538mm


Manual Front Cut Off

  1. Cut off mode              manual
  2. Cut off blade material       Cr12, heat treatment


Roll forming machine

  1. Rollers                      20groups
  2. Roller’s material               40Cr
  3. Heat treatment                 HRC 55°~57°
  4. Main axis diameter             75mm and 95mm
  5. Main axis material              45 steel
  6. Pinch wall thickness            22mm
  7. Main bearing                  6212
  8. Motor power                  11KW
  9. Forming speed                 15m/min


Hydraulic Cut off 
  1. Hydraulic station                1set, including: motor, oil pump, magnetic valve, oil cylinder
  2. Hydraulic station motor           4KW
  3. Cutting blade                    1set
  4. Cutting blade material              Gr12 steel, hot treatment
  5. Hardness treatment                 HRC 60°~62°


Simple Discharge bracket

Welded by angle round steel


Electric control system
  1. Control System                     PLC, Touchable Screen, frequency converter
  2. Main Electronic Components          Top brand in the world
  3. Length Measurement                 by Encoder.
  4. Cutting Method                     Stop and then cut
  5. Power Supply                       380V, 50HZ, 3PH
  6. Electric control box adopt to omniseal and forced-air-cooling device.
  7. Control system’s power supply adopt to overload protection, electronic control box adopt to aviation plug.